Divine Wisdom – Cards & Journal

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A beautiful oracle and a personal journal that will expand your connection with the Divine and provide you with great inspiration for your day.

This I AM Divine Wisdom Inspiration oracle card deck, received from the Divine by Carmen Gélinas, offers inspiration and guidance on your life journey and a journal to remember your personal insights.

Each of the 52 cards contains an I AM statement, as well as a message and accompanying instructions that provide spiritual guidance.

They will help you create deep connections and experience intuitive direction.

These cards offer you clarity in your day, attract blessings to you and encourage you to transform your perspective.

These timeless I AM statements will speak to your soul, answer your questions, and transport you to the high-frequency realms, cultivating your connection with the Divine Creator.

Once you ask the Divine to bless your I AM cards and imbue them with your own personal energy, use your deck to call in messages of hope daily. Draw a card to give Creator your attention and you’ll get the insight you need.

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